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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Week 2 Recap (w3 day 0)

Okay....I said I would post at least every sunday so I'm doing it now...but, it will probably be short because I'm tired.

Basically I am now doing the following subjects, and they cannot be changed (its too late)

- Drama: Prac
- Drama: Theory
- Philosophy: Bioethics
- History: History of the bible

Yeah. They are a wide mix.

Anyway last week involved a lot of red bull, lol and an interesting monday night at williams (think wine) lol. I didn't end up going to shakespeares behind, I did audition for LoL and the result is still pending (give em a week).

Other than that I spent the week trying various subjects including enrolling in latin, loving then almost hating and then quitting it and also mythology, behavioural studies and more. The final list as you can see from the above is now complete.

Enough said.

me tired.

This week? hmmm not sure....fairly standard i suppose....results of LoL are gonna be interesting. it was a really fun audition so we will see. I still have journal entries for drama prac to be done...i better get on them soon. i did my bioethics essay today, and ive done the first drama theory essay as well....but the theory essay needs a little touching up, i believe. which is good beacuse its not due for two weeks. (27th).

Ah well...time to do the journal for prac.


Another Sunday!

It's gone fast!

I've done quite a bit...and I will tell you all more about it later on. But for now, what if everyone in the world wanted to help everyone else? - It would feel good knowing it was every one elses purpose in life to make you happy. Wouldn't it?


Cya soon...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Week 1 Recap

Yes readers, as promised here's the Sunday recap. I know I know, it's going to be a little mundane. Get over it.

Okay well the week started well with 1320 being a very interesting subject indeed (we took of our shoes and socks and did a lot of body work) - this was a lot of fun, a little scary and yes quite different to the standard I am used to. Excellent!

After that was a 1060 lecture which was grand, and exciting.

Other things through the week went on, I won't chronicle them all here because, well, because I cannot be stuffed. But I did have a rather not-nice cold for the majority of the week, couple this with high tiredness + caffeine sensitivity and you can see how health wise the week was for the most part, completely fucked up.

But, there is of course highlights. I found out that Criminology is NOT for me (see the other posts below) and also that I would have a Terrible timetable doing Physiology. So, I've made changes and (again see below), I am now doing Bioethics and Behavioural Studies (in addition to the drama double).

Well what about study? I did what I could I guess...I didn't do a lot, but in all fairness there wasn't a lot to do. - There never is in the first week I suppose, and I actually felt a little empty (ie: bored) during some of the week, feeling that I had nothing to do...but feeling that I should be doing something. Hmmm....LoL.

I think that I will have plenty to do by this time next week, and certainly even more so by this time two weeks from now. As long as I can stay on top of things, and make good use of my so-called 'free-time' then I shouldn't have a problem academically.

On other notes I didn't audition for Lovepuke, yeah I backed out due to a number of things but I am auditioning for Laugh Out Loud this wednesday, this ones not monologued so should proove extremely interesting. I have read the script for LoL and I love it, it is horrific, disturbing, tragic and completely hilarious - Marvellous and I really would like to be a part of it.

We also went to Tai Chi, which was interesting. It wasn't quite as high impact as my friend wanted it to be but we are still considering joining, I want too...but the budget might demand other things hehehe. We shall see what happens as time progress.

Ah well, that's about it. The week went super-duper fast, and it really did feel like one big day, - what with waking at 5:45am, leaving at 6:35am and returning at 8:00pm to sleep at 9:00pm needless to say, it really was one big long day wasn't it?

Next/This week (2) - what is there?

Well apart from the auditions already spoke of, highlights include a shakespearin event Tuesday, more fun at drama tomorrow and tues, the first of my bioethics lectures and my behavioural studies ones, combined of course with the relevant tutorial classes.

Phew! What a rush.

Well loyal blogarians??? - If not before (probably will be) then the next post will be this time 1 week from now.

Untill next I post and next you read,

~ さようなら ~



Just a quick note to say that Level 25 has been reached. Now there's a little over 95,000 experience points to go. (Just under 10 day's worth).

New template and then some...

Okay this new template has a bit more of an edge to it! Woof. LOL.

Now just so you all know I will be back within the next few hours doing my "prescribed" blog entry for Sunday, you know the one I said I would commit to doing. BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE. - Yeah I am in a wacky mood so suck it. ;-)

Now heads up.

Okay putting numbers to the subjects so u peeps know wat the fuk is going on.

LoL. In other words when i put in a four digit number it signifies a subject. Those subject numbers are as follows:

1010 -Bioethics
1060 - Drama Prac
1320 - Drama Theory
1711 - Behavioural Studies

Alrighties...I don't plan on explaining this again okay so keep your eyes open and ur mouth shut. lol. yeah im in a wacky mood. oh and in case you want a face to put to the blog. go it.

hit the MYSPACE link that's near my homer picture on the right of this text somewhere. (in the nav-frame)


Subjects Finale

I've said it before...this is the final list of subjects.
Basically Music Theatre was going to be a bad idea so I had changed it temporarily back to 3rd year neuroscience, but this meant i had a 7 hour horrible monday timetable with ZERO breaks and my friend had 9 hours with 1 hour break! Terrible.
So I went searching. I found Bioethics which is related to the law and ethics in medicine which kicks ass.

And finally, I was feeling VERY queasy about Criminology ever since the lecturer told everyone that 60% was VERY good and 70% was an extremely high mark for the subject...that combined with the fact of having to do 2 presentations 1 of which on a mole of a topic made me rather...well...rather queasy.
So I found Behavioural Studies, this is like psych, without having to go to that stupid freaky psych building, but should be easy as I already have foundations in Neuroscience, so it should be a lot of fun.

So the final 2006 subject lineup is as follows (and for the record if i remove one after 5:00pm 10th Mar I can't put on another without  risk of a 90 buck fine!) lol. so this better be good:
- Drama Prac
- Drama Theory
- Bioethics
- Behavioural Studies
this means that next year one of my preferences can be behavioural neuroscience, which is rather exciting.
Justice X


Done - quite involved and a bit confusing. Will need to be gone over again after the lecture, the basic information is clear, but there is still something not quite right. Hard to put together right now, needs clarification...
Skimmed through the two chapters, fairly straight forward. Will need to sit down and re-read each one thoroughly before Wednesday. (ie: Tuesday). The chapters are very convoluted and hard to get into. They seem to say a whole lot of nothing, I am considering a different book.
Going to re-read the play on Tuesday.

About to do the exercises for that.

Check List

Sunday 5th March (Week 2, Day 0)
1001 (45)
Read Crime in The Streets (20)
Read Crime in The Home   (20)
1320 (60)
Complete one more seated observation (15)
Read prescribed pages in book   (20)
Respond to those pages  (15)
*Remember water/clothing etc... for tomorrows class (0)
1060 (160)
Re-read the wild duck, with emphasis on performance (optional task, can be done Tuesday)  (90)
Listen to online lecture (optional)  (60)
3111 (50)
Go over lecture notes for week 1 (15)
Read lecture notes for week 2 (30)
- Do post week blog

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Progress Report, as at: 4:10PM 2 March 2006 (Week 1, Day 4)
- Listen to lecture online
- Paste sheet into workbook by Tuesday
- Complete one more seated observation
- Extended Journal Entries
- Ensure all elements complete
- Complete for now
- Do readings for next week (Tuesday @ Latest)
- Not started yet: No workload untill after tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Essay Topic Selection

Adjusted Deadline: Wednesday 19th April 2006
Target Date: Friday 21st April 2006
Due: Wednesday 26th April 2006 (Week Eight (8))
I have narrowed down the topics (from the five given originally) to a mere 3. (Big jump I know :p).
I am left with:
- Perception vs. Reality and effects of distortion
- Perception of White Collar Crime vs Street Crime
- Effects of the selective use of crime starts by the media and "law and order politics" on people's fear of crime
Main Common Theme:
- The perception of crime by the general public
At the moment I am more inclined to choose the White Collar Crime topic, as it is of personal interest to myself, and also compliments my primary presentation. (As outlined earlier...)
General Rules and Tips Given:
Essays must be size 12 font with 1.5pt spacing and ~5cm margin.
Examples must be strongly used and correctly cited.
Examples must be from a wide range of reputable sources.
Any personal claims must be substantiated by evidence.
Any Arguments presented should be done so in a rational manner.

Presentation Topics

Presentation 1:
Week 5. (Week starting 26th March 2006. --- Presentation 29th March 2006)
"Discuss how Sutherland's idea of white collar crime changed criminology."
White Collar Crime
Basic Argument:
- What were the key elements of Sutherland's theory that supported/changed the treatment, identification, perspectives and prevention of "White Collar" crimes.
Presentation 2:
Week 9. (Week starting 23rd April 2006. --- Presentation 26th April 2006)
"How did the reforms of Cesare Beccaria change the criminal justice policies of the 18th C from a spiritual explanation of crime to a rational and more logical one?" Discuss
Tied in with...
"Is Classical Theory's narrow focus based on the explanation that the criminal justice system is the major influence on crime and the sole determinant of criminal behaviour, to the exclusion of other environmental factors?"
Key Words:
Classical Theory
Criminal Justice Policies
Criminal Justice System
Criminal Behaviour
Environmental Factors

Monday, February 27, 2006

If this gets here all good...

Okay, heres what I need to do....its rough so yeah...
- Purchase a journal, and respond to the questions as well as comment on the exercises we did today
- Do the observed sitting exercise, ready for next week
- Do the exercises at least 3 times
- Join something constructive (yoga, aerobics etc...)
For next week
- Remember water
- The main point was as peter brook put it, that the blank text can be interpreted in many ways. Streetcar and King Lear were good examples of this.
- No h/w until the tute (if any then.... I do not know yet).

Sunday, February 26, 2006



New Title.

New Username.

All is good.


The level

Just for curiosities sake...

I've checked the level.

From when I did the first level it is 113 days, 8 hours and 50 odd minutes later.

Meaning I would have this stat:

[Level: 24, Exp: 1133680.36, Next: 72319.64]

Every now and then I will check on it.

I can't believe I've gone up that far already. LOL.

The Return

Hello Folks.

Yes, I took a rather nice hiatus, from this and aesthetic ice as well. Now I am back. Yes, I am still an Actor in training, as opposed to a neuroscientist in training, however I am also a soon to be law student. (I hope).

Anyhooo....I haven't been reguarly blogging for quite some time now. But you can check out some things i've been up to lately at - again, even that is pretty stale.

So, why am I back here?

Well...if I can figure out how to change the title of this blog, I will do just that, and if I can change my username that would be a bonus! ....that doesn't really answer the question does it.

Well, Uni starts tomorrow. So I want some kind of journal to keep my thoughts in. Yes, the ice.2fear one didn't quite cut it as well as I wanted, and the aesthetic ice one I want to keep for more artistically creative and random entries.

So my current plan is, to each sunday (at least) make a post detailing my thoughts about the past week and the week to come.

Here's the begginning I suppose.

The past week I have mostly been going into uni anyway, promoting student theatre for the new students, during the ever-re-occuring O'Week, (at least untill VSU comes in...bastards). Anyways it was a lot of fun and I got to meet a heap of new people.

That would be the most noteworthy thing from last week, apart from a short trip to the beach.

The week ahead sees me returning to uni, and for the record I am studying Drama Theory, Drama Practice, Musical Theatre and Criminology. Hopefully all of which will lead me to a course in performing arts/law, only time will tell. (About 1 years worth of it actually).

Well....yes I thought it would be best if I jumped right back into the blogging without to much sentimentality, and hopefully, there will be at least one more entry here by next sunday evening.


Saturday, November 19, 2005


There is something remarkably satisfying about finding what you want to do in life...

They say that when you have found the right person you just "know it." It feels right, it seems right, it is right, and you simply know, you do not feel the need to question it, nor do you find the need to turn against it. - It excites you, it makes you feel hugeand you know it is the right thing.

I think the same goes for your career. Someone once told me if you find a job you love you will never work a day in your life. To me...this means play - when work is play, life is grand. I now... finally know what I want...and as such things seem to be a lot clearer. Wish me luck, cross your fingers and toes...and:

Join me @ Aesthetic Ice:






Yes...I have decided to do the so called "arts-pack" of subjects, including Drama/Philosophy/Psychology/Physiology. I would like to do Physiol but I will have to check it with the faculty first as I may have to do an alternate subject...if so I will probably do something like lit or english or music - im not sure yet.
Anyway this blog will continue...but I will only post exp when I feel like it (yeah I can't be stuffed doing it anymore), but instead of chroniciling just my studies it will be a little more expansive. This blog will concentrate on study related things, and include things on rehearsals and other uni related materials.
However, this will no longer be the only blog I am partaking in. I have created an abstract blog, that for the most part is full of mindless prose and globs of garbage which mean nothing to anyone other than myself....but like davinci's notebooks I hope they offer an artisitc insight into my character as a whole. It is available for viewing at - it is updated randomly, makes no sense and is absolutely pointless - but it's mine!
Finally I will soon be launching a more succinct blog on my life, chronicling day-to-day activities, with hardly any focus on study, other than mentioning what I did (eg: no in depth details or such...) - however I cannot point you in the direction of that blog because it doesn't exist yet.
Now these things said, the frequency of posting in those two blogs, and even this blog may well decline once my holidays are over...still I hope tokeep this one running, even if no others make it through.
I suspect I will change my profile and such in the near future to reflect my change in lifes direction.
au revoir
- Raven